We have the best all-beef hot dogs in Waco, and we promise you'll be coming back for more.

Fresh Ingredients

We use fresh ingredients on all our dogs, just so you get the best you can in both quality and flavor. We make all of our food in-house, so its guaranteed to be fresh when it hits your plate.

Because we use 100% all-beef hotdogs and due to the fresh quality of our food, we promise that you will tell your friends that you had the best hot dog of your life at the one and only Heart of Texas Doghouse at the Magnolia Silos.

Come by our location to get a hot dog today!

Our Story

Hi, I’m Keith – founder of the Heart of Texas Doghouse. I’ve always loved making hot dogs, creating new ways to enjoy a good dog, and of course, I’ve always loved eating them!

While I was visiting Niagara Falls a few years ago, I met an awesome hotdog vendor who owned a food cart, and I became fascinated with the prospect of getting into the hotdog business, especially because I already was so involved in hotdog creation in my personal life.

After having felt I had perfected my hotdog cooking method years ago, with the hopes of one day having my own cart like my friend in Niagara Falls did, my wife, sister in law, and myself began diligently working together to create the perfect chili for hotdogs.

Little did anyone know – aside from my wife – that I secretly and seriously had ambitions to become the “hotdog king”! Now here we are, at the famous Magnolia Silos, fulfilling our dream and love of serving people really great all-American food.

HOT Doghouse is truly a small family ran business that loves to employ people of all ages and treat them as family as well. We really love and look forward to growing our business and opening other trailers and catering to serve the great people of Waco!

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